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Every family deserves a place to call home. In Windsor Essex families who are in need of emergency shelter must access shelter support through our agency and stay off site, unable to be a part of the day to day necessities that come along with finding new, safe housing. Help us to expand our facility and build the first emergency housing spaces for families and women experiencing homelessness in Windsor Essex. Through the Welcome Centre's Capital Campaign, The Pink Door Campaign, you can help to ensure that every woman and family has a safe place to sleep tonight with no exceptions.


Our Goal

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How to Host: A Pink Door Party

Why should you hold one?

Need an excuse to throw a party? Here is the perfect reason for you to host a party for you and your friends. By hosting a pink door party your group will help the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women expand the homeless shelter for women and to build the first emergency housing space for families experiencing homelessness in Windsor Essex County.

What is it?

Throw a party/gathering for you and your friends to help the Welcome Centre Shelter for Women reach our $1.5 million goal that will assist in the expansion and help more individuals and families facing homelessness.

What’s in it for you?

By hosting a pink door party you will receive a poster to post on your door to let others know you are holding a party to help homeless women and families in Windsor Essex County. We will also share your party photos on social media to let the community know of the good work you are doing.

Steps to Hosting a Pink Door Party

  1. Submit form below to register
  2. Plan a fun party (BBQ, potluck, pool party and more)
  3. Receive your pink door party package
  4. Invite your friends for a good time
  5. Collect donations from your guests
  6. Share on social media using the hashtag #pinkdoorparty #wcspinkdoor #itsnotjustadoor

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